If I could speak the lauguage of rabbits, that will be amazed, I will be
their king. I would be kind to my rabbit subjects , at first. One day, I
hold a great ball for the president of France, but the rabbits–they
hate me and don’t come. I’m embarrassed, so I eat all the lettuce in the
world and make them watch. (S03E08) Get back here,you stupid bird, so I
can love you ! (S05E09)

W:Well, I’m not an expert, am I?唉,哪个人叫自身不是专家呢?

Do you like (food)?

欧洲杯足球 1

Letter: E, e, B, b, A, a, C, c, S, s, P, p, R, r, J, j, H, h, F, f

S:Nice touch.干得好。


欧洲杯足球,Man E:伊夫rything from stem cell research to trying to cure the common
cold, sir.无所不有,从干细胞研商,到日常胸口痛诊疗,长官。


W:We’ll getcaught.我们会被抓。


Stapleton:I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Who are

接纳egg, box, apple, car, six, pig, rabbit, jump, hot,
fat等单词让儿女掌握 e, b, a, c, s, p, r, j, h, f 在单词里面包车型客车发音

Barrymore:What the hell’s going on?到底在搞哪样?

What do you like?

Dr Frankland:Ah, and you are?啊,你们是? 

I like (food).

S:It’s not specific to this place. It’s my brother’s. Access all areas.
I, um, ahem, acquired it ages ago. Just in


欧洲杯足球 2

Homework Book, page 51

Man E:Sir! ID unauthorised, sir. What? I’ve just had the

Practice and Play: Unit 6 Activity 3


Yes, I do./No, I don’t

Stapleton:I have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. I like to mix
things up. Genes, mostly. Now and again, actual


Man D:Straight through, sir.一贯朝前开,长官。


Dr Frankland:Ah, new faces, how nice. Careful you don’t get stuck here,
though, I only came to fix a

Man E:Sir.长官。

Stapleton:Really?是啊? We are to be accorded every courtesy,
Dr Stapleton. What’s your role at

Dr Frankland:Ah, Mr 霍姆斯, I would love to tell you, but then, of
course, I’d have to kill

S:That’s it. It’s this way, isn’t it?这就完了,从那边出对啊?

Dr Frankland:The pink thing. And that one about the aluminium


Dr Frankland:I never speak ill of a colleague.小编从不说同事的坏话。

欧洲杯足球 3

S:I hope not, Corporal, I hope not.作者愿意未有,上士。

Barrymore:Is that right? Who are you?是吗?你是谁?

Barrymore:This is bloody outrageous! Why wasn’t I

欧洲杯足球 4

Man E:Priority ultra, ma’am, orders from on high. An

W:She made her daughter’s rabbit glow in the

Man E:Major Barrymore won’t be pleased, sir. He’ll want to see you

欧洲杯足球 5

Stapleton:I doubt it.不会吧。

W:Computer error. It’ll all have to go in the

S:Why? Because it glowed in the dark.为何?因为它在金红中发光?

S:Why did Bluebell have to die, Dr Stapleton?为啥要杀死铃兰,大学生?

Dr Frankland:I love the blog, too, Dr

S:People say there’s no such thing. Dull lives they must

Man E:Well, we have to keep the bins somewhere,

S:Clearly an inside job.显明是和谐解的人干的。

欧洲杯足球 6

Barrymore:Clearly not, Mycroft 霍姆斯.相对未有麦Croft·霍姆斯。

W:To be fair, that is quite a wide 田野同志.老实说,那限制也太大了。

S:Yes. You know Henry 奈特?对您认知Henley·奈特?

S:That wasn’t my hat.那不是本人的罪名。

Man E:One war ends, another begins, sir. New enemies to fight. We have
to be prepared.硝烟未散,风浪又起,长官。仇敌推陈出新,有备技能无患。

Dr Frankland:Yeah, I’m getting a little slow on faces, but Mr Holmeshere isn’t someone I expected to show up in this

Man E:They’d have to know how to use that lift, sir. We’re not breeding
them that clever.除非会用那部电梯才行,长官,大家还没培养出那么明白的。

Stapleton:Oh, you reckon?哦,你如此以为?

Man E:What is it? Are we in trouble?怎么了,大家惹麻烦了?

Dr Frankland:Vienna, that’s it. This is Mr Mycroft 霍姆斯, Major.
There’s obviously been a

欧洲杯足球 7

Stapleton:OK, Michael, let’s try Harlow 3 next

欧洲杯足球 8

Dr Frankland:Well, I knew his dad better. He had all sorts of mad
theories about this place. Still, he was a good friend. Listen, I can’t
really talk now. Here’s my cell number. If I can help with Henry, give
me a

Man D:Pass, please. Thank you.请出示通行证。多谢。

欧洲杯足球 9

W:So, the email from Kirsty. The missing luminous

Man E:Of one sort or another, yes.多少有一部分吧。

S:Enjoy it?享受么?

W:Look, there’s obviously been some kind of

Stapleton:Yes? Who’s this?是我,这位是?

Dr Frankland:It’s all right, Major, I know who these gentlemen


W:Biological, chemical?生化军火?

W:Major Barrymore, is it? Yes, well, good. Very good, we’re very
impressed. Aren’t we, Mr

W:Yeah, you do.作者说有就有。

Barrymore:Inspections! Can’t remain unmonitored for ever, goodness
knows what you’d get up to. Keep

S:What’s the matter?怎么了?

Stapleton:Just a minute!请留步。

S:Are we in trouble, sir.请叫本身长官。

Man E:That’s it?那就完了?

欧洲杯足球 10

Man E:We don’t get inspected here. It just doesn’t

Dr Frankland:Hello, again.你好又会师了

W:You being all mysterious with your… cheekbones, and turning your
coat collar up so you
look cool.你那副高级深莫测的…颧骨,还把大衣领子竖起来扮酷。

Barrymore:You do?你认识?

W:How far down does that lift go?那多少个电梯能下到多少深度?

W:伊夫r heard of a spot check? Captain John Watson, Fifth Northumberland

欧洲杯足球 11

S:Any ever escape?有逃跑的么?

W:The rabbit?这只兔子?


Man E:Yes, sir.是,长官。

S:Tell me about Dr Stapleton.给自身讲讲斯塔佩顿大学生。

Man D:Clear. Thanks very much.好了,特别多谢。

欧洲杯足球 12

Dr Frankland:Good to see you again, Mycroft. I had the honour of
meeting Mr 霍姆斯 at the WHO conference in… Brussels, was

Barrymore:On your head be it, Dr

S:Sorry, Major.抱歉,少校。

W:奥迪A4ed every courtesy, isn’t that the idea?直言不讳,对啊?

S:Disappeared from inside a locked hutch, which was always

S:You were expecting us?你驾驭大家要来?

Man E:Er, Major…少校…

Man E:Dr Stapleton…Stan佩顿大学生…

W:Oh, cheers.哦,谢啦,

Stapleton:Have you been talking to my daughter?你和本人闺女谈过?

欧洲杯足球 13

Dr Frankland:I’ll show them out, Corporal.小编来送行。

欧洲杯足球 14

Man E:I thought you’d know, sir, this being an


W:Hm-mm. And what’s down there?嗯,下边是怎么?

Man E:Very well, sir.好的,长官。

Man E:This way please, gentlemen.先生们那边请。

Man E:It’s all right, DrFrankland, I’m just showing these gentlemen

欧洲杯足球 15

W:You’ve got ID for Baskerville?! How?你有Bath克维尔的评释?怎么搞到的?

W:Did we just break into a military base to investigate a

S:We won’t! Well, not yet.不会,今后还不会。

Barrymore:The point of Baskerville was to eliminate bureaucratic

S:Ha! 23 minutes. Mycroft’s getting


S:That would be tremendously ambitious of you.罗里吧嗦啊。

S:But you’d speak well of one, which you’re clearly omitting to do.I’ll
be in touch.可是你也不想说他们的感言。回头再联系。

W:But mostly weaponry?可是关键是器材?

Stapleton:I’m not free to say. Official

Man E:Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.是的首长抱歉长官

W:Oh, yeah.爽死了。

W:So what exactly is it that you do here?那么你们在那具体做哪些吧?

欧洲杯足球 16

欧洲杯足球 17

S:Stapleton! I knew I knew your name.Stan佩顿,作者就觉着那名字耳熟。

S:How many animals do you keep down here?你们那儿有微微动物?

S:Probably a fluorescent gene. Removed and spliced into the specimen.
Simple enough,
these days.大约是荧光基因,移植到样自身上近年来操作起来很轻巧了。

W:The rabbit?兔子?

Dr Frankland:This is about Henry Knight, isn’t it? I thought so. I knew
he wanted help, but I didn’t realise he was going to contact Sherlock
Holmes! Oh, don’t worry, I know who you really are. I’m never off your
website. I thought you’d be wearing the

W:I’m afraid we won’t have time. We need the full tour. Right away.
Carry on.That’s an
order, Corporal.可能没时间,得巡视整个基地。即刻开头吧,这是命令,中尉。

S:Do what?哪套?

S:Kirsty Stapleton, whose mother specialises in genetic

Man E:Quite a way, sir.挺深的,长官。

S:We’ve seen enough for now. Thank you so much.大家看够了,感激你。

W:What was all thatabout the rabbit? Oh, please, can we not do this,
this time?兔子到底怎么回事?拜托,别再来那套了好不佳?

S:So we know that Dr Stapleton performs secret genetic experiments on
animals. The question is, has she been working on something deadlier
than a

Man E:Your ID showed up straight away, Mr 霍姆斯. Corporal Lyons,
security. Is there something
wrong, sir?你的通行证马上上报了,霍姆斯先生。Leon丝军士长,安全保卫部,有标题呢,长官?

S:Oh, you most certainly are free, and I suggest you remain that

S:Unless they have help.除非有人协理。


W:Caught in five minutes. “Hi, we thought we’d have a wander around
your top secret weapons base. Really? Great. Come in, kettle’s boiled.”
That’s if we don’t get

S:Oh, well…好吧。

Dr Frankland:Any time.随时恭候。

S:I never did ask, Dr Frankland, what exactly is it that you do


S:I don’t do that.作者才没有。

S:Thank you.谢谢。

S:Mycroft’s name literally opens doors. I’ve told you, he practically
is the British Government. I reckon we’ve got about 20 minutes before
they realise something’s

Man E:Lots, sir.相当多管理者

W:Haven’t pulled rank in ages.几百余年没拿军衔来压人了。

S:Thank you.谢谢。